WhatsApp has 5 future options on Android, iOS: Here’s what’s future


Despite several corporations dabbling in instant messaging apps, WhatsApp remains one in every of the foremost fashionable instant electronic messaging platforms on each Android and Apple platforms. The Mark Zuckerberg-led company tries to take care of its prime spot by habitually pushing updates to boost the user expertise. WhatsApp additionally tests the newest options in its beta version before launching the feature to all or any of its users.

As the company tests new options, we’ve got compiled an inventory of the newest options which can be created on the market to WhatsApp users shortly.

Facebook Story Sharing

Soon, the corporate can permit its users to share their WhatsApp standing updates on to Facebook Stories, that is kind of the same as however, users will presently do with Instagram. so as to try and do therefore, WhatsApp is going to be mistreatment Facebook’s information sharing API. At present, the feature is being tested solely on Android. This move would additionally validate reports that Mark Zuckerberg is keen to integrate all the social media apps his company owns – Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

Profile image protection

The Profile image protection feature went continue to exist android and can get on Apple shortly. the newest feature protects its user’s profile image from being downloaded by others. Moreover, creating this feature watertight is that the proven fact that as shortly because the feature is activated, users won’t be able to even take screenshots of users profile photos. However, WhatsApp users will still transfer the cluster pictures.

QR Code

The QR code feature can let WhatsApp users feature contacts to their phones by scanning different users’ WhatsApp QR codes. As shortly as this feature goes live, users can get a unique QR code that different WhatsApp users will scan and augment their contact lists. it’s to be noted that this feature is already on the market on apps like WeChat.

Night Mode

At present, WhatsApp is functioning on an evening mode version of its platform. The new mode, reports say, is going to be named the Night Mode and the same as Android’s Dark Mode can create the theme of WhatsApp black. The Night Mode feature can facilitate smartphones with OLED panels to avoid wasting their battery life and even be useful to users eyes in dimly lit conditions.

Cleaner album layout

WhatsApp’s Apple version can shortly be obtaining a cleaner album layout. With the new update, the moment messaging platform can begin building multiple photos in one bubble on WhatsApp Chats. aside from this, WhatsApp also will show a variety of images that square measure within the album bubble.

Those who don’t wish to attend for the options to be extended on the official WhatsApp app will recruit in WhatsApp’s Beta program to expertise them before everybody else will.


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