WhatsApp can take you to court if you send bulk messages, misuse app


Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has declared that it’ll take action at law against people and corporations, who misuse the app or send messages to heaps of individuals in violation of its terms and conditions. In its updated “Unauthorized usage of WhatsApp” policy the corporate has declared that entities or people engaged in activities like causation bulk or machine-driven messaged would face action at law from Dec seven onward.

“WhatsApp can take action at law against those engaged in or aiding others in the abuse that violates our Terms of Service like machine-driven or bulk messaging, or non-personal use, though that determination relies on data alone accessible to the US of our platform,” it said.

However, the corporate didn’t specify what form of action at law it may take.

WhatsApp clearly stated that its product doesn’t seem to be supposed for bulk or automated messaging and these are against its term of service.

The update has come back as there have been reports few months alone that the WhatsApp was victimized throughout Lok Sabha elections through free clone apps and via a US$14 (RM58) software package tool that allowed users to automatize delivery of bulk WhatsApp messages.

The company has been under attack from the Indian government over pretend news and false data being circulated on WhatsApp.

In a similar suppression last year, the San Francisco-based company had restricted the forwarding of messages to solely 5 users when a spate of mob lynchings was connected to pretend messages circulated on WhatsApp teams.

The government had issued a stern warning to the corporate to restrain on pretending messages designed to “provoke” and “instigate” folks.

With quite 200 million users, India could be a key marketplace for WhatsApp.


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