The Nokia Ion model is Bite-sized android, supposed to be made

Nokia Ion

The smartphone market is presently dominated by 2 mobile operating systems that include Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. a few decades past the conditions weren’t identical as they’re currently. There used to Nokia that single-handed dominated the mobile phone market with its S40 and Symbian phones.

However, with passing time and shift in shopper trends, the 2 mobile operating systems developed by Nokia nonexistent. Encountering fierce competition, the corporate didn’t reveal its 1st Android smartphone, the Nokia X until 2014. although it had alternative model smartphones in development that sadly ne’er saw the sunshine of the day.

Nokia Ion

One such device is that the ultra-compact Nokia particle mini model, that is presently listed for auction on eBay. The device includes a distinctive style with plastic and metal build. Even once placed next to the iPhone 5S from 2014, the Nokia particle mini feels like a pony toy.

Even though the listing doesn’t reveal the screen size of the Nokia particle mini, it will state the show includes a wvga resolution of 480 x 800. Still, it are often assumed that the show on the device would around live 3 inch.

Under the hood, the Nokia particle mini packs the Qualcomm Snapdragon four hundred that is clocked at one.2 GHz. The listing states that the smartphone runs on golem four.3 jelly bean that was undraped within the year 2013. property choices on the smartphone embrace Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G. Also, in line with the listing, the device is carrier unbarred, therefore, users from around the globe will use it, just in case they shall do, therefore.

As antecedently mentioned, the Nokia particle mini model with associate appealing style is listed on eBay Great Britain at a value folks $ one,999. although the worth is extremely steep and it’s way more than the device would have originally supposed for. Taking into thought it’s a rare device, this can be more of a collector’s item than a tool that the standard user would use on a daily to day basis. For reference, the futuristic Galaxy Fold that is predicted to be created commercially on the market next month is priced for US$ 1980.

It won’t be honest to mention that this charming and radical pocket-sized Nokia particle mini might have taken down Samsung’s behemoth army of assorted smartphones by itself. although it might have generated its own following amongst customers that shall purchase a compact phone.


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