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Major tech firms forbidding competitory products’ usage for its workers isn’t exceptional. The recent Huawei blacklist has forced several tech giants to prevent using Huawei product in the workplace because of worry of retribution from the United States. Now, Microsoft has gone ahead and said that it’ll be forbidding the utilization of standard space app Slack for its workers.

Reasons are given for the ban on Slack, as per the report, was to stop any risk to Microsoft’s informatics. Microsoft groups could be a product that competes with Slack.

“Slack Free, Slack normal and Slack and versions don’t give needed controls to properly defend Microsoft holding (IP). Existing users of those solutions ought to migrate chat history and files associated with Microsoft business to Microsoft groups, that offers similar options and integrated workplace 365 apps, career and meeting practicality,” said Microsoft as per the report.

Regarding Google Docs and Amazon internet Services, the corporate has said that workers would have to be compelled to show “business justification” for the usage of each these services. “It is extremely counseled to begin a migration conceive to Azure before partaking the Governance team for brand spanking new request or renewals,” the corporate said.

Grammarly has been prohibited as a result of “they are ready to access data Rights Management (IRM) protected content among emails and documents.”

This move smacks of Microsoft attempting to force down its own apps on its workers. One might say that Microsoft has the entire rights to enforce solely its own app usage among the corporate. however, having such closed systems is nothing however hubris. If Microsoft groups, Azure and workplace 365 are ok, it is best if the selection is left to its workers to form that call. Giving justifications like ‘Slack doesn’t give controls to shield Microsoft IP’ or ‘Use of AWS desires business justification’ is simply a opt on Microsoft’s half and shows its lack of confidence of its own product, that it’s left with no alternative however to place these restrictions in place.


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