iPhone Models with 5.42-Inch, 6.06-Inch, 6.67-Inch Sizes coming soon.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max
iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Image Credit: Apple

Apple is reportedly reaching to bring 3 iPhone models with OLED screens next year, moving far away from the present lineup of two OLED models and one LCD model, which is able to continue for this year also. The Cupertino, California-based company is additionally same to be continued with similar screen sizes as 2018 this year, but which will additionally modification in 2020. in addition, the iPhone maker could use Samsung’s Y-Octa or LG’s TOE bit technology to stay the 2020’s smallest iPhone model slim.

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reports that Apple is releasing the 2020 iPhone models in 5.42-inch, 6.06-inch, 6.67-inch show sizes, citing sources in Taiwan’s phone element provide chain. These screen sizes are a small departure from the prevailing five.8-inch, 6.5-inch, and 6.1-inch models, however, excluding the tiniest model, there is not getting to an enormous size distinction. The publication additionally notes, as we tend to mentioned earlier, all three 2020 iPhone models can use OLED show technology.

Additionally, the 5.42-inch iPhone model could use the Y-Octa display from Samsung show or TOE bit technology from LG show, each of that claim to scale back the show prices. The Y-Octa could be a touch-integrated OLED screen that’s comparably slimmer than ancient OLED panels.

A December 2018 report had additionally hinted that Apple is reaching to use Samsung’s Y-Octa panels to create future iPhone model thinner and lighter. the brief concerning LG’s TOE bit panel is scarce at this moment.

Apart from the screen sizes, no alternative details concerning 2020 iPhone models square measure best-known at now which is probably going to stay the case of someday offer we tend to are around one and a half years far away from the official launch of 2020 Apple iPhone models.


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