Epic shows that shields & shotguns are necessary for Fortnite

Epic Games

Image Credit: Epic Games

In each battle royale game you have got to choose up what you’ll and adapt to survive. no matter loot you discover within the early game is meant to be enough to assist you build up a more robust inventory and war players within the late game. however each battle royale game has its blank requirements, those few things that you just fully cannot contend while not. For Fortnite, those things area unit shotguns and shields. It looks like Epic is finally leaning into that.

In Fortnite’s most up-to-date patch, v9.21, Epic magnified the drop rate of each shields and shotguns. protect drop rates were magnified by nearly a full p.c for normal protect Potions and nearly 2 p.c for little protect Potions. Meanwhile, shotguns were magnified across the board from eight.5 p.c to nine.77. These could seem like insignificant buffs, however they’re the primary acknowledgements from Epic regarding simply however vital these things area unit within the game.

The boost to protect drops was a comprehensible modification. Not having shields in Fortnite sucks. If you don’t have shields as a result of you merely didn’t notice any after you are pillage, you’re at a big disadvantage against most players. Survival shouldn’t totally depend on your loot luck.

As for shotguns, that issue may be a very little additional difficult. whether or not you’re looking a professional match throughout the globe Cup Qualifiers or a player who’s solely on their seventh match ever, chances are high that you’re getting to see them running around with a small-arm in their inventory. Shotguns area unit a key a part of Fortnite’s identity and that they are for over a year currently. It’s discovered for the sport to this point.

With patch v9.21, however, Epic is increasing the quantity of shotguns within the game and attempting to handle a number of these frustrations from players.

By transfer the entire shotguns on the map up, it isn’t essentially Epic formally expression that it’s happy with shotguns being the game’s dominant weapon. however by giving players additional of the items they see as obligatory in each game, Epic is permitting players to play the means they require.


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