Android Q native desktop mode is out for developer testing

Andriod Q

Image Credit: Google

As a part of its folding screen initiative, Google is additionally performing on a native desktop mode for android via support for multiple (and external) displays.

Desktop modes like Samsung’s Dex has been accessible for a few years currently, and as is common Google is currently about to fold these options into Android natively.

Google’s Andrii Kulian, the technologist on the Android Framework WindowManager Team performing on Multi-Display, mentioned this feature at length during a session referred to as “Build Apps for folding, Multi-Display, and Large-Screen Devices.”

“Foldable phones could have many screens, however, you’ll additionally notice multi-display in cars, in phones connected to larger screens in desktop mode, in Chrome OS, and so on,” he notes.

Google has added support for displaying the keyboard on external screens and support for third-party launchers on secondary screens.

Apps can support multiple instances and developers will already take a look at their apps on secondary screens by sanctioning the “force desktop mode.”

If you own a Google pixel, you’ll attempt desktop mode by sanctioning a simulated show in Developer choices. On alternative devices with support for show out over HDMI, you’ll attempt desktop mode if you have got a USB-C to HDMI adapter. On the Essential Phone, the new desktop mode in android Q can show up just by plugging it into a monitor.


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